Hydrogen Reservoir Engineering – we’re ready, are you?


HRE has been established through a partnership with Oilgen, reservoir engineering and gas storage experts with 18 years’ experience in compositional simulation, and Hydrenor, a clean energy project company active in the hydrogen economy.

Through Hydrenor, HRE is a Board Advisor on Edinburgh University’s HyStorPor project, created to study the feasibility of storing hydrogen in porous formations, and is financing and co-authoring a study on hydrogen underground storage simulation.

Our experts also tailor and deliver courses for reservoir engineers to give a better understanding of the new technical discipline.

HRE and its partners have worked on various projects for more than a year

gaining invaluable experience in simulating underground hydrogen flow.

Our specialities include:


  • Reservoir engineering numerical simulation of hydrogen in porous media
  • Compositional, diffusion, and chemical reactions modelling
  • Geoscience research project management

Example studies include:


  • Feasibility of injecting hydrogen in depleted gas fields
  • Research project on specific physical aspects
  • Hydrogen EOR
  • Interaction of hydrogen with other molecules
  • Project economic evaluation, feasibility, and screening studies