Pioneering the future of Hydrogen Reservoir Engineering

 HRE is the first Hydrogen Reservoir Engineering consultancy of its kind in the world. Established by a team of industry experts with more than 25 years’ experience, we provide access to first-class consulting services relating to Reservoir Engineering studies and numerical simulation applied to the flow or storage of hydrogen in porous rocks.

As the market grows for hydrogen as a clean energy vector, storage in large volumes, such as in former gas fields or other porous formations will become necessary. Ambitious Government plans to create a hydrogen infrastructure anticipate that storage sites will be operational by 2025, with the first commercial storages in place by 2030, helping to achieve net zero targets by 2045 or 2050 – all highlighting the importance of putting plans in place to ensure your company is ready for future demand.

HRE pioneers a solution for storing energy; let our team of experts help you prepare for the future of hydrogen storage today.

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“HRE works internationally with private clients, Governments and academia to pioneer the hydrogen reservoir engineering science.

We encourage Oil & Gas and storage companies currently rationalising or re-purposing their assets to contact us to assess hydrogen options.”